Online Dating: Tap That App

The other day I was riding shotgun in my sister’s vehicle with her co-worker / friend in the backseat. He casually asks, “What dating app are you using?” My sister chuckles a grip as she suggests, “Before you answer tell JB the Michelin Man Story!” After I tell him said story with every gory detail,Continue reading “Online Dating: Tap That App”

Build A Bae

I have yet to find Mrs. Right. I’ve tried to manifest my meeting via birthday wishes, wish on 11:11 am / pm, and any other way I could dream of. It seems unlikely that I’ll find her. My dating candidacy pool is minuscule to say the least. That said, I’ll haveta to create Mrs. Right.Continue reading “Build A Bae”

Sage Dating Advice From Mom

My Mom offered me some sage dating advice many years ago that came into play last #ThirstyThursday. Here’s what happened. Three Things Growing up in Mountlake Terrace there wasn’t many offerings of entertainment that was legal. St Pius X Church hosted dances in the school’s gymnasium. You can imagine how excited I was when itContinue reading “Sage Dating Advice From Mom”

Are You Happy and Content?

Yesterday as I languished in my vehicle, affectionately called the #SapphireSeld, a question popped into my idle mind: Are You Happy and Content? Furthermore, why do Americans consistently combine those two words when they literally mean the same? It’s redundant! Regardless of the redundancy, my answer is still ‘no’. I experience moments of happiness. WhenContinue reading “Are You Happy and Content?”

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

If cameras add “10 pounds” to your figure, then mirrors must add 20! Or at least, 15 pounds. I have a deeply entrenched love-hate relationship with mirrors. Meaning … I love to hate them, and hate to love’em. Mirror Mirror On The Wall I’ve been told I have a mild form of body dysmorphia. IContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”

Still Single

I’ve been ruminating over a question I’m encountering more often as my social media orbit widens: How is it that you’re still single? The question is usually packaged with a compliment or two, and a reply to a caption of one my posted photos. My reaction is universal, “I don’t understand it”, which is aContinue reading “Still Single”