Still Single

I’ve been ruminating over a question I’m encountering more often as my social media orbit widens: How is it that you’re still single?

The question is usually packaged with a compliment or two, and a reply to a caption of one my posted photos. My reaction is universal, “I don’t understand it”, which is a small lie. I’m still single and know why.

Single and Ready To Mingle

I say the phrase, and genuinely mean it but … only to a point. I still have L.D.D. [Los Don’t Date] The last woman I sought out to date was Cher, which was years ago. My reasons remain true today as much as they did when I posted that #YouTube vid.

Dating is a necessary evil, if you are seeking out companionship. And I’m not currently actively seeking out a partner, but if the opportunity presents itself, I won’t shy away. My last girlfriend, Deana, actually hit on me while I was at work!

Why am I #stillsingle? I tell ya why … because I wasn’t meant to be without anyone in particular.

Still Single

That doesn’t mean I must be lonely, or alone, it’s not coupled up. For me, the issue with dating in the Seattle area is the math. The probability of finding my match is astronomically impossible that it approaches zero. Especially for what I’m seeking.

And what I am able to offer, well … it’s probably why I’m still single.

Market Value

As each of us grows older, our dating ‘market value’ decreases. For example, my dating market value is lower today than it was 5 years ago. Hell, I don’t think I have a market value since I aged older than 40.

And it’s the same story: the ones I want, don’t want me – the ones that want me, I don’t want them.

The crushes I’ve had (have) are infatuation only. Their market value is much higher than mine. And even the reality would never live up to the fantasy that I’ve built up in my head, which is all the more disappointing to me.

So here I sit, still single in the Seattle area. Unless of course, the Universe has other plans for me… or I actually get over L.D.D. to active seek out companionship again.

More from me later,


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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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