Online Dating: Tap That App

The other day I was riding shotgun in my sister’s vehicle with her co-worker / friend in the backseat. He casually asks, “What dating app are you using?”

My sister chuckles a grip as she suggests, “Before you answer tell JB the Michelin Man Story!”

After I tell him said story with every gory detail, he’s in stitches! (I included the story link above if you are curious) That experience was on Plenty of Fish, but I was also was on eHarmony, and Match.

He collects himself to offer up that he’s on Bumble. I nod in acknowledgement, as if I were to pick one … it’d be that one.

My sister is confused as she’s never heard of it. We explain that is much like Tinder with the exception that the lady must establish contact after a match is made within 24 hours.

That premise ALONE has my interest piqued. I would return to Online Dating: Tap That App!

The irony for JB was that his ex-girl friend was offered up as a possible match! We all roared with laughter.

My sister and I have very little faith in online dating, whether it’s a website or app. My sister quipped, “They wouldn’t have ended if they were good (relationships)”.

I had to agree. I have had only one relationship emerge from the popular app, Tinder. As you can imagine, I had many more failures than successes.

Online Dating: Tap That App

To answer JB’s earlier question, I smiled, “I have L.D.D.

His eyebrows furrowed, “What the hell is that?” as he scrolled through potential #Bumble matches. I waited for his undivided attention before clarifying because I prefer to look you in the eye while talking.

He looked up after I fell silent. I smiled, “ a disease that is rare. The acronym stands for Los Don’t Date!” I burst out laughing. “But if I did date, if I return to online dating, I’ll tap that app.”

But I do have my choice of (in addition to those mentioned already): Zoosk, Elite Singles, and OurTime.

Spaceship Earth? The single citizens … which one dating apps are you using? Comment below!

More from me later,


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