Are You Happy and Content?

Yesterday as I languished in my vehicle, affectionately called the #SapphireSeld, a question popped into my idle mind: Are You Happy and Content?

Furthermore, why do Americans consistently combine those two words when they literally mean the same? It’s redundant! Regardless of the redundancy, my answer is still ‘no’. I experience moments of happiness. When my mind is quiet then I’m content.

On my commute on southbound Washington State Highway 9, I watched vehicle after vehicle cut each other off to gain one vehicle-length advantage and further down the road than the other guy. In addition, I witnessed a sedan race down the left lane only to kamikaze their way into the stopped line up for Highway 522 westbound to Seattle. Most of my readers that are also area drivers will remark, “I hate it when they do that!”

I shrug, “It’s all part of the #AmericanRatRace.”

Are You Happy and Content?

I bet if I asked my fellow commuters the same question, I would receive the same answer of ‘no’ from some them. My drill down question would be, why are we not happy? Why are we doing tasks that don’t make us happy? Or rather shouldn’t we be doing tasks that make us happy?

I’m sure an impromptu poll of the peeps would reveal that a majority of surveyed feel an obligation to a lifestyle they’ve created with their significant other / family / etc. That there’s “no other way”. It’s a rut, it’s stagnant living. Hell, it’s not living, it’s surviving.

I firmly believe we were not put on this planet to survive! Yet, I’m also confident a minority of folks like this type of structure, they love it, they crave it.

I digress…

Are You Happy and Content?

That more happy days eclipse the doldrums of routine days.

Currently, I’m actually taking active steps to becoming happier. And if I’m happier, perhaps my mind will be more quiet to be content? I’m gearing up to monetize my passions of writing, and Geocaching, for starters.

What are you actively doing to become happier? Maybe you are happy, and literally have no need to change – great – how did you do it?

I’m not saying I can’t be happy … I’m simply stating that the chances remain remote for every day to be happy. My desire is to be happier than I currently am.

Are you happy and content? Tell me about it in the comments below.

More from me later,


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