Nisqually Earthquake | 20 Years Ago

Monday’s, September 19, 2022 earthquake of 7.6 magnitude in Mexico City reminded me of the Nisqually Earthquake. Midday on February 28, 2001 the Nisqually earthquake shook the area with a 6.8 magnitude for nearly a minute at 10:54 a.m. For anyone that’s experienced and survived an earthquake of any magnitude, 60 seconds seems like eternity.Continue reading “Nisqually Earthquake | 20 Years Ago”

The World Changed | September 11, 2001

To most of Spaceship Earth, 9/11, flutters pass on their calendars as any other day, but 21 years ago … The world changed on 9/11/01. And it’s a day I’ll #NeverForget either.  I was startled awake by my wife (yes, I was married once) She said to turn on the TV because a plane accidentallyContinue reading “The World Changed | September 11, 2001”

Arrival Unknown

Fun fact about me … I spent 20 years in the travel industry. I’ve discovered that my writing style has evolved over the years, sometimes blending industry jargon into my everyday self-talk. I would generally write for the reading audience, with a portion of it as self-expression and recognition. Nowadays I simply write, and post.Continue reading Arrival Unknown

One Night In Fremont …

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble ~ Murray Head. However, one night in Fremont made for a memorable night that creates many stories. I was inspired by a business trip, team building task that launched into a birthday celebration of EPIC proportions. Aruba 2013 – As I mentioned I was inspired byContinue reading “One Night In Fremont …”

The Kissing Game: My First Kiss

The other day, my love gave me another compliment on my ability to kiss. I feel I can be puffy chest, loud and proud, as this is not the first time I’ve heard this. I’m pretty good at the Kissing Game: My First Kiss. Not gonna lie, I love the act of the kiss. InContinue reading “The Kissing Game: My First Kiss”

I’m Older Than I Think

Recently, I was promoted at work to Manager. I was anticipating that move. What I wasn’t anticipating was the move to Nights Manager for my warehouse. The crew I work with is easily 15-20 years younger than I am. Again, I knew that once I was assigned the crew. The other day I had anContinue reading “I’m Older Than I Think”

Sounders ‘Til I Die | The Story of Soccer, Strawberries, and Keg Stands

To truly appreciate this story you’ll have to know the background of how I became a Sounders fan, and my first away match. This all started 12 years ago … You see my lil’ sister, Charrina Bayne, aka West Coast Playa [WCP], shared with me a story how she was incredibly screwed out of seasonContinue reading “Sounders ‘Til I Die | The Story of Soccer, Strawberries, and Keg Stands”

Night Moves: Juneteenth

I am still trying to wrap my head around the weekend’s events at my place of employment. Two of my team mates, in addition to myself, were selected as Department Managers. Tim C, Food Court Manager; Alex L, Foods Manager; and yours truly, Merchant Nights Manager. June 17, 2022 – On Friday, I celebrated 20Continue reading “Night Moves: Juneteenth”

What’s That Smell: Call A Mechanic

One aspect of car ownership is repairs and fixes – no one really likes them because they tend to be expensive, and you couldn’t do the work yourself if you wanted to. Most people, at least Americans, don’t want to do much more than gas and go with the occasional oil change thrown in.  EspeciallyContinue reading “What’s That Smell: Call A Mechanic”