Adjusting To Arizona

It’s been 3 months since I’ve moved to the Phoenix area, and I’m still adjusting to Arizona. As you can imagine, I’ve received plenty of advice from long time residents. However, one of the best pieces of advice to adjusting to Arizona life is from friends, Ron and Audrey Wilde. They suggested I re-think myContinue reading “Adjusting To Arizona”

The Joy of Geocaching

Arturo, amigo. It’s been a 4 years to this date (May 28, 2019) that you ascended into Heaven. I’ll never really know if you knew that you days were numbered, or simply a suspicion because the sense of urgency for my visit seemed to increase as each day was closer to departure for me toContinue reading “The Joy of Geocaching”

It’s Twenty, Twenty-Three; No Dating For Me

Before I moved from Washington to Arizona, I decided to concentrate on myself, and re-establishing myself. I thought one year from then (March 2023), or at least the remainder of 2023 I could wait on introducing new elements such as dating and/or a relationship(s). I realize its laughable to have goals for matters of theContinue reading “It’s Twenty, Twenty-Three; No Dating For Me”

Lost & Found

I’ve been in Arizona for 2-months so I thought I would post a progress report, per se. First and foremost, I don’t regret it. Granted, I’ve encountered my challenges, but that was anticipated! I had lost a few things, so when I looked, they were found in Arizona … The Grass is Greener Wherever YouContinue reading “Lost & Found”

Moving On …

A couple of weeks ago I moved from my only home state of Washington to Arizona. I had lived in a various cities in Washington my entire life. As you can imagine the most asked question was (is), why / why move to Arizona? I mentally retorted every time: why not? In my polite manner,Continue reading “Moving On …”

Single Appreciation Day (S.A.D.) 2023

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s another year I have “single” status by my name on my social media footprint. #ValentinesDay has yet to compelled me to make grand gestures of love for my lover when I have one. In fact, I could truly tell you it’s another Hallmark Holiday so it’s simply a dayContinue reading “Single Appreciation Day (S.A.D.) 2023”

My Monkey’s Paw

I generally don’t believe in curses, or wishes fulfilled magically. However, I do know not to tempt fate, or realize when my moral compass is pointing me away from danger. In fact, I was first introduced to those ideas by my high school friend, Marty. He loved the TV show, Tales From The Crypt. OneContinue reading “My Monkey’s Paw”

The Library

Some of you know that one of my favorite hobbies / games I like to play is Geocaching. Furthermore, I’ve hidden a few geocaches in the area, therefore, a cache-owner (CO) One of your responsibilities is to regularly maintenance your hides. In fact, there’s an unseen algorithm that has a “cache health score”. Recently, IContinue reading “The Library”

Wasted Time

To say that 2022 was fucking brutal for me is an understatement! Especially for the past 6 months at work and at home I’ve been questioning my sanity and my role in this life. I had some lofty plans at the end of 2021 to carry me through, which haven’t panned out. I lost friendsContinue reading “Wasted Time”

Petty Reasons For No Second Date

So my estranged buddy, Jimbo Calrissian, and I posted up at Who’s On First in Snohomish, Washington a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully our 2-hour conversation organically transitioned from one topic to another. We’re both in committed relationships (he’s married, I have a girlfriend) but we did have to date in order to find theseContinue reading “Petty Reasons For No Second Date”