Build A Bae

I have yet to find Mrs. Right. I’ve tried to manifest my meeting via birthday wishes, wish on 11:11 am / pm, and any other way I could dream of. It seems unlikely that I’ll find her.

My dating candidacy pool is minuscule to say the least. That said, I’ll haveta to create Mrs. Right. I’ve concluded I’m forced to Build A Bae.

Mrs. Right

A majority of single folks I’ve talked to have a litany of attributes they desire in their next partner. The list additions stems from the failed relationships before. I am no different.

If I’m creating anything a blueprint is necessary as to have a clearly defined project. A building plan as it were.

I better get started …

Build A Bae

Height: No preference. However, for the purposes of building you must have an answer, 5′ 8″.

Hair color: Dark, or Red. I think I should shy away from blondes as I’m convinced they’ll be the death of me, and at the very least a broken heart. My ex-wife? Blonde. My girlfriends that were the most difficult breaks ups? You guessed it. Blonde. My crushes that I have? Ya know, those unrequited loves? Blonde. My heart and head are requesting it. In fact, I believe they are screaming it!

Eyes: No preference. Inviting, warm eyes of any color. And then … aw, hell. This is ridiculous! I could write for days about description that my bro, Chris, would certainly enjoy the insight it would provide about me.

Let’s skip to non-tangible attributes!

Where to start … worldly smart, funny, confident, compassionate, understanding, patient, adventurous and that’s just the beginning!

While I would love a companion to do activities I enjoy, perhaps sharing everything is a bit much with your Build A Bae. Her own interests that I could support would be better. But I’m building this, so I would have to create her separate interests which would most likely and secretly mine.

Not Quite Right

And how I would address the emotional aspect? Would it be a reflection of Ex Machina? SPOILER ALERT: If so, that didn’t end well for those fellows – yikes. Or even worse a Replicant from Blade Runner.

Would I want an even-keeled woman? Or bat shit crazy? Or something in-between?

The more I think about this plan it’s not quite right. In fact, it’s downright effed. So to recap, I won’t be able to find Mrs. Right, manifest Mrs. Right-for-Now, and now, Build A Bae.

I’m forced to take solace in bachelorhood. As active as I am, this is a better idea than trying to occupy my time with companion searching. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, great.

The law of attraction stipulates that if I do have a match out there … we’ll meet someday. Too bad, ‘someday’ doesn’t occur on any calendar I know of.


Published by losisthemost

"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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