Is This The New Normal: COVID-19 In Washington

Lake Stevens, WA – The COVID-19 pandemic is a fluid, crisis situation. Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee, has effectively quarantined the entire state with an increasingly restrictive orders – click here to read the start of the timeline which was February 29th, 2020.

These phrases and words have joined our daily vernacular: out of an abundance of caution, social distancing, quarantine, panic buying and wash your hands.

A decision you made today, might not be the same decision you make tomorrow. Living and working at the perceived Ground Zero for the United States has been difficult to say the least.

I can’t help but wonder what’s eventually be considered the ‘new normal’?

Normal – New or Old?

I would often joke that “normal in my life is a setting on my dryer only”. Whether a new normal is adopted from our behavior nowadays or a return of the old normal, none really apply to me.

Is This The New Normal: COVID-19 In Washington

Social norms stopped with me once I was divorced, and no longer had a Monday to Friday office setting job. My “weekend” was any two consecutive days I wasn’t working at the warehouse. Many of my friends learned to adapt to my acceptance of invites depending on my work schedule. Recently, it’s been recommended to add social distancing of 6 feet …

I am healthy as of this posting, therefore not quarantined, but social norms now recommend that I self-quarantine. I have reasonable suspicion that we’ll be confined to our homes soon enough, therefore I’ll continue to enjoy the weather while abiding all federal and state recommendations until I am stuck inside via Executive Order.

That probably isn’t a popular sentiment right about now.

However, that’s what COVID-19 has taught me: at all times, crisis or not, establish your own boundaries without infringing on others. That’s been my ‘normal’ – new and old.

It’ll continue to be my compass to guide me.

Stay safe out there, Spaceship Earth.


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