It’s Twenty, Twenty-Three; No Dating For Me

Before I moved from Washington to Arizona, I decided to concentrate on myself, and re-establishing myself. I thought one year from then (March 2023), or at least the remainder of 2023 I could wait on introducing new elements such as dating and/or a relationship(s). I realize its laughable to have goals for matters of theContinue reading “It’s Twenty, Twenty-Three; No Dating For Me”

Reasons Why Being Single Isn’t Bad

I DID NOT WRITE THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE. That distinction is the Angry Therapist, John Kim LMFT. However, it read and seemed like something I would write. I love it, and agreed with it. “I’ve been single. Many times. I’ve struggled with loneliness. Rejection. Not believing I was desirable. I’ve tried “dating myself” many times and it wasContinue reading “Reasons Why Being Single Isn’t Bad”

COVID-19 Chronicles: Day 348

Look, I get it. I do. You spend a majority of your time at work. Therefore you spend that same amount of time with your co-workers. And humans are social beings, so naturally you’ll socialize with those co-workers, especially during this global pandemic known only as: COVID-19. There are more reasons why you should not dateContinue reading “COVID-19 Chronicles: Day 348”

Online Dating: Tap That App

The other day I was riding shotgun in my sister’s vehicle with her co-worker / friend in the backseat. He casually asks, “What dating app are you using?” My sister chuckles a grip as she suggests, “Before you answer tell JB the Michelin Man Story!” After I tell him said story with every gory detail,Continue reading “Online Dating: Tap That App”

Build A Bae

I have yet to find Mrs. Right. I’ve tried to manifest my meeting via birthday wishes, wish on 11:11 am / pm, and any other way I could dream of. It seems unlikely that I’ll find her. My dating candidacy pool is minuscule to say the least. That said, I’ll haveta to create Mrs. Right.Continue reading “Build A Bae”

Sage Dating Advice From Mom

My Mom offered me some sage dating advice many years ago that came into play last #ThirstyThursday. Here’s what happened. Three Things Growing up in Mountlake Terrace there wasn’t many offerings of entertainment that was legal. St Pius X Church hosted dances in the school’s gymnasium. You can imagine how excited I was when itContinue reading “Sage Dating Advice From Mom”

Still Single

I’ve been ruminating over a question I’m encountering more often as my social media orbit widens: How is it that you’re still single? The question is usually packaged with a compliment or two, and a reply to a caption of one my posted photos. My reaction is universal, “I don’t understand it”, which is aContinue reading “Still Single”