Are You Rich? I AM!

Are you rich or are you living paycheck-to-paycheck like 80% of Americans nowadays? If you asked me, Are You Rich? I AM! I recently posted Are You Happy and Content, to which I answered in a long winded way … no. My message wasn’t about self-pity, or loathing, but a notion of wonderment. I haveContinue reading “Are You Rich? I AM!”

Are You Happy and Content?

Yesterday as I languished in my vehicle, affectionately called the #SapphireSeld, a question popped into my idle mind: Are You Happy and Content? Furthermore, why do Americans consistently combine those two words when they literally mean the same? It’s redundant! Regardless of the redundancy, my answer is still ‘no’. I experience moments of happiness. WhenContinue reading “Are You Happy and Content?”