It’s Twenty, Twenty-Three; No Dating For Me

Before I moved from Washington to Arizona, I decided to concentrate on myself, and re-establishing myself. I thought one year from then (March 2023), or at least the remainder of 2023 I could wait on introducing new elements such as dating and/or a relationship(s).

I realize its laughable to have goals for matters of the heart. That said, you still need to take of yourself in terms of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Otherwise, you won’t be ready for whatever the Universe / Fate / God / the Gods / no gods gifts you.

Intention To Avoid Life Detention

It’s the year Twenty, Twenty-Three – no dating for me. The intention of dating is to find a partner whether for a good time or a long time. Hopefully from the long time, a partner for now.

After this self-induced life change, I’m simply not ready to ‘unpack’ all that’s included with dating. HELL, I’m not even physically unpacked and organized.

I have NO intention of returning to ‘life detention’ so soon. What do I mean by ‘life detention’? Glad you asked! I have a proclivity to abandon my identity, self love and personal development when I have a relationship with someone, some team, or some title of responsibility. Therefore I put my life and soul into life detention while I move my attention to this new experience.

Or as a long-time bro, Travail, put it: You go all-in too soon.

My biggest take-away from that unintentional intervention was, “What do you wanna do for yourself?”

I looked at him, paused, took a sip from my brew and replied flatly, “I honestly don’t know what I wanna do, but I DO know that I don’t wanna continue with this!” (I used air quotes)

In typical Travail fashion, he smiled, “Well that’s a start. Los, one of the many things I love about you, man, is that you’re decisive. And once you make that decision you generally stick with it, even if it’s to your detriment.

“That said, you should apply your due diligence prior to signing that dotted line. If it’s good for you, makes you happy, and ultimately advances yourself, then great. Go all-in, go buck wild. However, after doing some research and it’s not those things, then say no, and walk away.

“Like I said, until you can do some Los due diligence, perhaps you should stay in your lane. I know you don’t react well to being told what to do, so think of this as bro-words of thought, nothing more.”

Then, he took a gulp of tasty beer as if to punctuate his TedTalk. I meant, Travail Talk.

It’s 2023, No Dating For Me

Wait To Date

Even if I wanted to resume dating, my methods are antiquated. For at least the younger than me crowd. Actually the audience I would be trying to court would be accustomed to these methods since they would females between 40 – 49 years old. However, a small part of my would want to date in the late 30’s.

I would most likely rely on a meet-cute versus diving into the dating app pool. Being a hopeless romantic at heart, I would rather enjoy the organic process of meeting people so I can observe body language and palatable chemistry.

Furthermore, once I am ‘talking with someone’ or ‘match’ with someone, I would be expected to answer all those get-to-know questions and vice versa.

UGH. I just don’t have the brain glue, and the ever-loving patience for that right now. By virtue of that reaction to just the thought to the above scenario tells me I’m not ready.

It’s 2023, so that a ‘NO DATING FOR ME’. That’s a hard pass, thank you next.

‘los; out

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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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