Beer Olympics

The much-delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics being hosted in 2021 had me reminiscing about the first Beer Olympics my crew and I organized many years ago …


Summer 2009 … My friends and I watched a hidden movie gem called, Beerfest. Two brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest, only to stumble upon a secret, centuries-old competition described as a “Fight Club” with beer games.

That had us thinking we should host our own Beer Olympics. The only thing stopping the Brew Crew was our own imagination. As ‘manifesting’ goes, I must’ve been focusing on it because the Issaquah Ross Clothing Store had not one but TWO glass boots for filling with the beer. THEY WERE A REPLICA OF THE VERY MOVIE WE ROCKED.


We understood then, and understand now, that’s not the proper translation. I was just so elated that I would be bringing the best item to elevate our Beer Olympics more so than anyone’s.

September 9th, 2009

Scott’s idea of a having wristbands thrown into a black garbage bag was brilliant. Each player withdraws one wristband from the bag, the matching one would be your teammate.

The teams were further organized to an established team name, e.g. I’d Tap That.

Let the games begin! If memory serves me, it was beer basketball, beer pong, quarters, for starters. It was a single match up elimination with the winning advancing until we reached the quarter finals. Not sure, we had hella beers and this was over a decade ago!

Ready? Set … GO!

At any rate, we did eventually battle our way to the finals which incorporated the use of the DAS BOOTS I bought, and brought to the party.

TEAM CHUG NORRIS (pictured left) was our first Beer Olympics Champion – Gold Medalist

The Brew Crew hosted a couple more before … again life stuff, and/or natural friendship attrition. But each time was a blast, regardless.

Have you hosted a Beer Olympics? Have you participated in one? Are you inspired to host and/or attend? Lemme know with a comment below!


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