Watershed Festival

With Watershed Festival 2021 quickly coming up, it reminded me of Watersheds passed. Instead of concentrating on a particular year, I thought I would stroll down Memory Lane …

You Never Forget Your First

I remember how the conversation even started about Watershed. I was exchanging texts with a hot girl I had a crush on for years. She asked me since I was a ginormous country music fan if I ever went or heard of Watershed.

I had not, so I replied as such. My inquisitive mind sought it out with a Google Search, of course. I was immediately amped: oh-I’m-doing-this!

I planned to secured these highly coveted tickets, AND camping tickets. Then I invited my friends, Michelle, Alicia, and my sister. A small group of 4 seemed best. I rented a Chevy Tahoe to ratpack in our gear and ourselves.

On the day of departure, once packed in my apartment garage, a watermelon was remaining. I voted for leaving it, but … the girls? Hell no, they were committed to jamming it in. WCP’s Tetris skills were in full flex as she was able to work in it.


Hours later, we arrived at the campground like everyone else. This is when we met Jeff, Justin, Karen and one more (can’t recall) They rolled in with luxury coaches / RVs! Premier Camping was designated for these vehicles, we only grabbed those for space enough for 2 tents, etc.

They politely asked to back in their vehicles to create a compound through our area before we set up. I smiled, “Go for it!” We talked for a bit, and became fast friends.

We listened to live country music, drank, ate some great food, and made awesome memories. Even rocked my first foam party before it became passé.

Year 2

We camped at the nearby Cave B Winery. Yes, it was another 3-day country music bender but it was fun. If memory serves me well, Michelle’s father, Gary was able to join us that year. Jesse would make the long trek of walking from Standard Camping. Poor guy. At least he did it in style … shirtless, with American flag themed leggings (for lack of a better term)

I managed to pass out in the camping site which Jell-O shots were placed all around me without me stirring awake.

I also believe WCP was stung by a wasp several times right before a concert. While the group was helpful in their wasp sting remedies, we believe that all of them combined made a potent night for her.

Year 3

Instead of camping, we decided that we would try the hotel-stay-during-the-night, and rock during the day at Watershed. The air conditioning, and pool time was lovely, but we felt disconnected from the merrymaking at the actual festival.

We would only do this route again IF NEED BE.

Cher, Charrina, Michelle, and I decided we were gonna have team T-shirts this year: Team Day Drinking. We caught some laughs, and smiles throughout the weekend.

Year 4

This would be our last year attending as life, and other events took over priority status than country music festivals.

Have you ever been? What was your favorite Watershed memory?

‘los with the most; out

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