A Message of Hope: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Sing! Sing these words: The other dayI met a bear. I joke, I digress. A couple of days ago, WCP and I were driving to the Marysville Winco for essential grocery shopping for ourselves.

As we were driving, she pipes up. “Hey Lamp, what’s with the teddy bears in the windows of houses?”

I mulled it over, “I dunno know for sure. Maybe it’s a signal that they have been quarantined for COVID-19 infection? I’ll research it when we get home.”

A Message of Hope: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

I assumed that this Google search would be easy to yield results: I wasn’t wrong. Apparently, a 1998 children’s book … We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen inspired Americans to place a teddy bear and/or stuffed animal(s) in their windows to give a visual message of hope to those families walking around their neighborhood while maintaining #socialdistancing of 6 feet (2 meters)!

A Message of Hope: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

#GoingOnABearHunt is an honest-to-goodness activity that is taking place in communities around the globe.

My sister and I are forty-somethings that don’t have children so you can imagine ‘stuffies’ are rare. That said, we do have stuffed animals so I posted them in the windows of the 1st floor of the Bastion of Bayne. At least a #bearhunt will not be lackluster at my crib!

Even beyond the instant gratification of entertaining a child(ren) for a moment, it tells me that there’s still hope. That citizens of Spaceship Earth can be united, peacefully under one idea, if only for a brief time.

A Message of Hope: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – such as this, can inspire me to continue to dig.

So? Are you willing participate by taking pictures and posting them with the hashtag of #bearhunt? Or are you post your resident teddy bear in the window for the passing children to enjoy?

Lemme know by commenting below.

Keep digging,


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One thought on “A Message of Hope: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

  1. I have two bears in my front windows for the kiddies – and the adults- in Brisbane, Australia. Our bears are undergoing regular changes in themes : with our Anzac Day in a fortnight ( which commemorates our lost soldiers) bears are to have a military theme. It IS good fun.


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