COVID-19 Chronicles: Day 98

As of today, Washington State is no longer in the top 10 in any of the metrics used for #COVID19 statistical tracking: total cases, active cases, new cases, new deaths or total deaths.

However, the United States is still at the top of the chart for the entire world with 385,000 cases which is a 140,000 more than Spain.

COVID-19 Chronicles: Day 98

My daily work life has changed dramatically. I have zero #traffuck to contend with but I believe rampant stupidity on the roads will be the death of me before I ever succumb to coronavirus COVID-19.

Sadly, the various businesses along the route are all but closed.

For example, the Starbucks coffeehouse in Clearview. At first, the tables and chairs were moved aside to abide by #socialdistancing – then they removed all the tables and chairs but still allowed mobile phone order pick up.

Next, they closed the walk-in area, but kept the drive up window operating. Eventually, I rolled up to a handwritten sign on the speaker stating they’ll return to operating on April 19th, 2020.

Later that same week, I encountered one of my fav baristas in Costco. She and I exchanged a few words before I asked what happened.

Brenda answered, “Not enough crew wanted to work.”

HM! My experience has been in the warehouse, and that we were experiencing not enough work to support the folks that did want to work.

I digress.

COVID-19 Chronicles: Day 98

Per Governor Jay Inslee’s directive, Costco has been designated as an “essential business” therefore allowed to continue to operate. By that designation, all the workers were dubbed #essential – we are armed with a letter stating such.

Now the climate is I’m allowed to work, I need money to provide for my family, but scared / upset / worried about working in public. I’m hoping my immune system can weather this onslaught.

So on my scheduled days to work … I literally drive to work with no stops, work at the front door, and drive home. Speaking of home, my sister / room mate / renter works from home!

Therefore her commute has been reduced to a 30-second stroll into the office space which we designated for her use only. She is accustomed to an hour plus drive to #CostcoTravel in Issaquah.

We’ve adapted to a life of chores, cleaning, cooking at home and more since the directive also states stay-at-home to exercise an abundance of caution and to abide by social distancing.

Stay safe, stay healthy


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