Until Further Notice …

Another phrase has been incorporated into the COVID-19 global pandemic lexicon: until further notice. Our leaders had projected dates of this week or somewhat close to that for libraries, YMCA, and so many more (March 30th, April 6th, etc)

I’m now reading or discovering those dates have been pushed aside in favor of the blanket statement of until further notice … That releases them from this as-I’ve-said very fluid situation.

Until Further Notice …

I’ve often mentioned that I view my job at Costco as my #ClarkKentJob while my Superman job is any number of jobs I perform outside the warehouse such as an event entertainer [DJ, trivia host, gameshow host, ordained minister, photographer], or volunteering.

Recently, Costco was labeled an essential business as with many others. Therefore, I’m an essential worker. So long as I’m healthy, and injury free, then the expectation is to work all scheduled hours.

My position has been the Supervisor for the Photo Center since September 2019. Instead those scheduled hours have been managing the foot traffic in and out of the building for a projected time frame of April 4th.

Now? I was informed Photo Center has been canceled until further notice

Of course it is, I grumble sarcastically.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

It’s been only one week at the door, but it’s been physically draining and emotionally charged. Most Members have been good in the sense of well behaved, obedient, and grateful. A small segment of them have been bad by complaining about the ever-changing policies and workflow on how we, as a company, are reacting. And there’s even a smaller segment that are the ugly, meaning insulting my crew, my warehouse, or myself directly. Today, Tuesday, March 31st, an older gentleman grumbled as he insulted me, “How can you smile at a time like this?”

As this pandemic continues to ravage the globe, it wears even on the good. It’s human nature.

Hope Endures

So until further notice

  • I will continue to use the Costco Code of Ethics as my compass in decisions at work
  • I will continue to smile, comfort, offer compassion, and forgive people
  • I will continue to serve others as long as I stay healthy and uninjured
  • I will continue to provide for my family, and friends, and anyone that falls into my orbit that requests my assistance
  • I will continue to inspire and lead others through this crisis with positivity until I can’t

It’s been in my DNA to help! Started with my mother’s words, then reinforced with my Boy Scout experience and culminating into my adult experience. I refuse to give in to complain without action, to be upset, and will keep digging.

Until further notice, my Clark Kent Job has transformed into an essential worker – Superman role.


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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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