You Can’t Spell “nEXt” Without EX

We all have exes, don’t we? Sometimes we smile at the sound of their name, other times we sneer, “Ugh, yes. My EX would …” Then we would launch into some diatribe about an irritating aspect of their EX

We’ve been conditioned when we hear “EX” to be reminded of ex husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and even family members. However, that’s not what I’m eluding to.

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m concentrating on the EX of experience. That’s right, experience.

For bad, good or indifferent, you now have the experience with that person or event. You can either grow from the experience or be stymied by it.

I choose to grow from it, in fact, leverage the information to my “nEXt” experience that’s similar to it.

Every woman I’ve dated I’ve learn a little bit about myself, them, and the world of relationships. Even the relationship in which I was gaslit, the toxic, destructive, and secretive relationships, I still harbor that experience to apply to future experiences.

You can’t spell “nEXt” without EX

This is a characteristic of a positive mindset, I’ve been told. Honestly, I defined it as a threat assessment skill to put into my tool box. I, now, have the experience with a particular dynamic to recognize warning signs, “red flags” per se.

I don’t want to be marred in life experiences due to a perceived bad/toxic/destructive relationship I had. Or a bad experience with an activity (hurt playing soccer, food poisoning at a restaurant), or task (injured while chopping wood).

I simply recall on the experience with what was correct / right / positive, and what went wrong, what can I do to prevent it this time around! You can’t spell “nEXt” without EXperience, can you?

And for me to do anything contrary, wouldn’t fall in line with my #keepdigging mantra. Period.

You Can’t Spell “nEXt” Without EX

I’m challenging all y’all that don’t have this positive mindset to do is: the next negative life event you experience, tell me or yourself, what did you learn from it? How are you gonna apply it to the next one?

Why? Because you can’t spell “nEXt” without EX.

‘los; out

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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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