Single Appreciation Day (S.A.D.)

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s another year I have “single” status by my name on my social media footprint.

#ValentinesDay has yet to compelled me to make grand gestures of love for my lover when I have one.

In fact, I could truly tell you it’s another Hallmark Holiday so it’s simply a day on the calendar. At least the Conversation Heart was saved yesterday, per this article.

Single Appreciation Day (S.A.D. for short) was designed for single folks to kick it while those in relationships celebrating this day of love.

Single Appreciation Day (S.A.D.)

It doesn’t have to focus solely on romantic love!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for lover, but for all who have love, being love, and in love.

– Luz Bayne, her Facebook post

You can celebrate the love of friendship, by inviting a friend over for night of movies, and board games. Or do something unusual like indoor skydiving (iFly), or go-karting racing, etc … let your fun imagination loose.

I’ve posted for several years about the backlash from singles not giving money to the corporations that rely on sales surrounding Valentine’s Day. This year I decided to concentrate on a positive aspect about a day I won’t be actively celebrating with a lover: love.

My intention is not to bash on those that revel in celebrating Valentine’s Day. I’m not jealous of those that can do it. I’m merely pointing out that singles shouldn’t feel excluded on this day.

My message is to celebrate the love of friendship, love of family members, and being willing to be loved, perhaps willing to love another person again.

February 14th shouldn’t be sad for those not in a relationship; new or established. It should be S.A.D. as I’ve defined it!

So Spaceship Earth… how are you gonna celebrate February 14th this year? ARE you gonna celebrate it? If not, why?

Your comments are welcomed below.

‘los; out

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