What’s That Tat?

I have one tattoo. I only have one tattoo because I vowed that if I ever get ink, that I wanted it to symbolize something that deeply resonated with me. The backstory for my tattoo is rich with detail but it does take some explaining. So when someone asks me what does, Keep Digging, meanContinue reading “What’s That Tat?”

You Can’t Spell “nEXt” Without EX

We all have exes, don’t we? Sometimes we smile at the sound of their name, other times we sneer, “Ugh, yes. My EX would …” Then we would launch into some diatribe about an irritating aspect of their EX.  We’ve been conditioned when we hear “EX” to be reminded of ex husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends,Continue reading “You Can’t Spell “nEXt” Without EX”

Epitome of Keep Digging

My friends and family could tell you that I quip, “keep digging” as inspirational words often. It’s the subtitle of this website, as a matter of fact. The epitome of keep digging was this experience I shared with my bro, Jason E. It was an incident that happened over 10 years ago, but still resonatesContinue reading “Epitome of Keep Digging”