Moving On …

A couple of weeks ago I moved from my only home state of Washington to Arizona. I had lived in a various cities in Washington my entire life. As you can imagine the most asked question was (is), why / why move to Arizona?

I mentally retorted every time: why not?

In my polite manner, I answer them. However, I had answered it so many times I had developed a polished, succnict replies or if I knew I had time I would elaborate. Generally, I would quip, “I have more reasons to leave than to stay …”


Aiight, I did have some roots. My sister and I lived in the same house, as I rented one of the rooms to her. Other than that, I had no other family around per se, no wife, no girlfriend, and no kids to keep me there. So … why not?

Being single provides the guilt-free feeling of movement.


I have a plan to retire by age 60, that’s just 13 short years from now. From my research, retiring and moving at the same time are two big life events that should be processed separately if they are to be successful. I decided I wanted to retire in Arizona, or at the very least in a Southern (warmer) states. Even if it meant coping with swamp ass.

The cost of living in Washington wouldn’t allow for me to retire in the area even at 60. However, my financial projections for another place like Arizona would have the flexibility of that plan to work.

I think working is overrate as is, and would like to retire today if I could. Again, why not move and settle in the area you most likely will retire in?

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
Horseshoe Bend


I realized by the end of summer I needed a change of scenery or I was barreling towards an early grave. I was in a rut. I would work, eat, sleep, and repeat. On my days off of work, I would either literally sleep through the day or do just do life tasks. I attempted my best efforts to maintain a relationship despite our opposing work schedules. It was doomed.

No fun at all, no self care, no self love.

I used to dance on the team, West Coast Country Heat. My schedule as a manager wouldn’t accommodate practice nights, and/or events so I requested to be inactive. I tried to hang on to Country Tuesdays or Fridays as much as I could.

I tried to prioritize some of my hobbies: Geocaching, dancing, soccer (USMNT, Sounders FC), football (Seattle Seahawks) photography, videography, Steampunk, and writing to list a few.

Once I fulfilled tasks or obligations I had to friends and family, there simply wasn’t time left for me. Or rather I didn’t priortize my time to include self-care beyond sleeping and eating.

I had decided I should start a new adventure away from all of that in Arizona. I’ll have a focused, fresh approach to my return to my hobbies. Maybe some of them will not be resurrected in favor of new loves.

For example, pickle ball and HAM radio. Again, why not?


I decided that I wanted to stay with same company I had been with 20 years. A transfer to another warehouse was the plan, perhaps as an hourly employee. My prayers were answered with an immediate “Yes, we’ll accept you as a full-time nights forklift driver.”

I accepted a non-management position because that was the only role offered. Any attempt to break into Arizona Costcos are difficult at best because it’s an old market will plenty of requests and seniority reigns supreme. Thankfully a new warehouse opened in March 2023, and another projected to open in the summer of 2023 caused movement amongst all employees at every level.

My work experience would be less stressful without a radio or leadership duties. For the first time in a long time, I wouldn’t dread working for a living. In short, it would be LIBERATING.


My research also concluded that most moves to new areas fail because of a lack of connection. Most likely difficult networking with the locals that are established. Although, one of my strengths is making fast friends with those around me. However, having a built-in network of friends that I consider family is a big plus.

My friends, Scott, Sidney, and their daughter, Sydelle, moved to the Gilbert area months before I did. Also my friends, Ron, Audrey, and their children, moved to Arizona, and even offered a soft landing place for a month or two while I found a more permanent place.

That’s not including my other friends in the area that are driving distance to visit them.

So again, I thought, why not move to Arizona?

My plan had the ability to make money, a place to lay my head, and friends nearby to comfort me. All that was left to do was move on.

That’s what I did, moving on …

No Fear,


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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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