Snow Day: World’s Largest Snowball Fight!

With the snow melting from the rain, AND no further snow in the forecast in Seattle and the surrounding area, it reminded me of a one particular Snow Day above all.

In 2013, the Boys and Girls Club of Seattle hosted Snow Day: The World’s Largest Snowball Fight, which was an attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records.

Largest Snowball Fight

You see, I was still brokenhearted over a girl that said goodbye the summer of 2012. In order to rid her from my memories, I wanted to create new ones and quickly. One fateful afternoon I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed and I encountered an advertisement that spoke to me. Not literally, of course, but it is possible.

Party Camp was asking for support for an attempt at a world record.

I thought instantly, “HELL YEAH, I wanna be part of history, and world record!”

I reviewed the date, etc, and bought my ticket. I managed to convince several other friends to join me.

I honestly didn’t think anyone else would join me, but I soon discovered there was more than one person that supported my oddball ideas of fun.

It made me smile, knowing that their presence was testimony to my inner personal skills. Charrina, Danielle, Alicia, Alison, Josie, and Melissa all joined me that day in January 2013.

The week prior I noticed dump trucks filled to the brim of snow were trucking into the Seattle area along I-90 from Snoqualmie Pass. My eyes narrowed as I realized this is gonna happen just the way they envisioned it.

It’s gonna be EPIC!

I helped build excitement for the event by promoting my involvement with it, and the type of impact it was gonna have on my life. I’ve been told that my excitement has a halo effect on whatever and whoever is involved. That, in and of, itself makes me happy.

Finally, it was the day of reckoning. Every fiber of my body told me, we were gonna post the new world’s record for largest snowball fight. To build energy before the attempt, several teams squared off to build snow forts, and stock pile snowballs. After the designated time frame was up, they were judged on several categories, one of which was look.

A DJ was playing music, that electrified the air. I gathered around my “team” for “before” photos, and to document our story.


A horn signified the start of the fight, so we immediately let loose the first volley of packed balls of snow in a display that rivaled artillery attacks in WWII.

Honestly, it was a frenzied attack of snow with no real defined teams. Several minutes into the fight, the unspoken challenge was to barrel through an open area of the fight to coax people into throwing snowballs at you, yet make it to the opposite side.

After my ‘successful’ run through the snowball gauntlet, I leaped over a snowfort wall for safety. Josie followed suit but was tagged very hard in her thigh which temporarily knocked her down.

So like a fallen soldier on the battlefield, I sprung my prone position to ‘rescue’ her. I helped my friend get to the other side, and sat down to assess her medically. She brushed off the attempt with a waving hand, and I’m fine.

The fight was overseen by a Guinness Book of World Records representative for validity. The number of participants were counted, and announced. We DID IT!

5,834 people surpassed the record previously held by South Korea.

I poked my hand into my jacket pocket to post on social media websites on the accomplishment. However, I came to the sudden and horrible realization that both pockets should’ve been zipped shut, especially the one that contained my phone.

I fruitlessly searched for my phone in the areas I was running, leaping, and dodging in. My friends suggested to try lost and found. My friend, Alicia, and WCP, accompanied me. Lost and Found was next to the Medical Tent. All manner of injuries were being attended to, such as bloody / broken noses, bruises, head cuts, sprained ankles, etc. In a futile attempt to recover my phone, I asked if they had my type of phone turned in.

The person managing it was less than enthused. I pursed my lips, and nodded my head, turned on my heel, and departed with my sister and friend. Never mind

The team decided to join the pub crawl to simultaneously celebrate our accomplishment, and mourn the lost of a phone and all injuries sustained. The first stop on the pub crawl was the Rock Wood Fired Pizza & Bar. It would be our only stop.

I’m. The. Reason. The. Rum. Is. GONE.

We managed to pile into a table for all of us. We ordered several of their famous Rum Buckets. After we killed some of them, Josie got curious about the extent of her thigh bruise, so she dropped trou in the corner of the restaurant while I stood guard.

I looked at it too, and mused, “A small price to pay for the glory of being part of world history!”

We continued to celebrate until it was time to return to our homes. I didn’t stop smiling for a week as I read article after article posted by newspapers on how we did it – yet another reason to love Seattle, WA.

PS – the record was broken yet again in Canada in 2016 with 7,681 participants. Congratulations to them! They still currently hold the world record. I’m just happy we held the record for any amount of time.

‘los; out

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