Snow Day: World’s Largest Snowball Fight!

With the snow melting from the rain, AND no further snow in the forecast in Seattle and the surrounding area, it reminded me of a one particular Snow Day above all. In 2013, the Boys and Girls Club of Seattle hosted Snow Day: The World’s Largest Snowball Fight, which was an attempt at the Guinness Book ofContinue reading “Snow Day: World’s Largest Snowball Fight!”

Seattle Snowmageddon 2019

It all started on February 4th, 2019. Monday, the 4th, to be precise. All the local news stations, and social media postings of Washington State Department of Transportation, and weather forecasts called for the Polar Vortex to push several snow packing storms to the Pacific Northwest. They were calling it Seattle Snowmageddon 2019. As aContinue reading “Seattle Snowmageddon 2019”