Carlos Warehouse Chronicles: Oil of Olay

One of my responsibilities of a FE (Front End) Supervisors at Woodinville Costco is to answer radio requests from the Membership Desk. It’s usually one of three types: key flick, approval, or Merchandise Pick-Up aka MPU.

It’s been almost 4 years now since the Oil of Olay Incident of 2017.

Oil of Olay

There was a call from the Membership Desk for a MPU. I looked around and realized I was the closest, and most available FE Supervisor, so I answered the radio request with, “Copy that, Carlos en route.”

It was yet another busy day at Woodinville Costco, so when I arrived at the Membership Desk it was teeming with activity.

I searched around for the MPU in the area I usually find it. I spied a LONE bottle of Oil of Olay.

I furrowed my brow as this is not a typical item that requires to be locked up in the Return To Vendor (RTV) Cage – yes, we use tons of acronyms to save time communicating. So I called out to confirm, while holding up the bottle.

“Is this really the MPU?” I stated loudly but to no one in particular. That was a mistake.
I heard, “Yes, Los. That’s it.”

I shrugged my shoulders, and sauntered off to the RTV Cage. I placed it in there, and logged it’s placement.

About an hour later, the returns auditor, the newly promoted, Tim C, approached me.

Tim: “Los, did you do a MPU?”
Me: “Sure did, it’s in the cage and logged.”
Tim: “By chance, was it a bottle of Oil of Olay that was Unsaleable?”
Me: “Yup.”
Tim: “Is it there now?”
Me: “Yes sir. Why?”
Tim: (practically exploded from frustration) “We’ve been looking for that for the last 45-minutes. We opened every box and searched every square inch.” He walks towards the cage.
Me: (thinking) Oh my. I’ve only ever seen a smile on that guy’s face. And boy, was it twisted about that. MEH. Of course, it didn’t belong in the cage, but mistakes happen. 

Then it happened. RevengeSweet, sweet revenge.


The radio chatter started as it usually does.
“Carlos? Copy,” the radio blared.
“Go for Los,” my reply.
“There’s a MPU for you here. It’s a bottle of Oil of Olay,” I can practically hear them busting up laughing in the department.

Great! I usually don’t make public mistakes like that so this incident simply makes me delicious cannon fodder.

An hour passes without further incident. My co-supervisor, Jorge, calls. “Carlos? Copy?”
“Go for Los.” This outta be good, I mentally groaned.

“Can you please lock up this Oil of Olay in the RTV Cage?” I can hear his impish grin over the radio transmission.

Oh, for the love of … “Copy that. I’m en route now.”

Now I can’t live this down until someone else does something equally silly or worse.

At the end of my work shift, I had to walk by the fully staffed Membership Desk to which they were all cracking up as they were waving in their hands some Olay products.

Finally? Outside in the parking lot from his parked Civic, the maintenance guy, Michael, innocently asked, “Hey Los, what was all that chatter about Oil of Olay?”

I grumbled, “Forget about it – it’s an uber expensive bottle of Olay that removes years from your face. It was bottled by the one and only Ponce de Leon with water from the Fountain of Youth.”

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