In-And-Out of Trouble

WCP and I were casually talking on our recent road trip, when she mentioned that the closest In-And-Out Burger location is Keizer, Oregon. That reminded me how I was in-and-out of trouble one particular sunny day in Las Vegas …

Sin City In-And-Out Burger

I love In-And-Out Burger, but none are in the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Seattle area. So it’s an absolute foodie treat to consume it for me, because I’m usually on vacation at some sunny destination that has it. For example, Las Vegas! That’s right, Sin City!

My crew and I traveled down for our annual “brodown”, which always includes at least one stop to In-And-Out Burger. The location of the restaurant is off-off Strip, so that means a pain in the ass to access, the parking lot is not big enough for the demand, and it’s popular to boot.

Coincidentally, a couple of female co-workers of ours were in Vegas as well. We arranged to meet up there at the In-And-Out Burger. All was well, right?

After we purchased our food, we withdrew to the outside patio area to nosh tough on our food of shame, while basking in the dessert  sun. About mid-meal, a car alarm was set off by a passing patron. We’re all accustomed to hearing the blaring noise of a car alarm. That wasn’t the disruptive part. We’re also conditioned that after a few seconds a car alarm will cease as it resets itself or the owner turns it off.

Not this time!

It kept blaring for a full 30 seconds more. The entire patio area was subjected to this annoying blaring.

Then I snapped.

I gently set down my 4×4 animal style burger (a not-so-secret, but definitely off-menu choice), stood up, and grumbled, “That’s IT!” My crew of guys peered up over their burgers, shrugged their shoulders and continued. The girls gasped at my words.

My teeth were gnashing in my skull … I didn’t travel a thousand miles, spent hundreds of dollars, negotiate vacation time from my work to have burger time at my beloved In-And-Out Burger to be ruined by some idiot’s car alarm!

As I walked into the building, I stopped in what I thought was the middle, and tried to isolate the sound of the car alarm. Amongst the conversations, the machinery sounds and all the sounds resonating throughout the building, you couldn’t hear anything else.

Much less a blaring car alarm outside …

“GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE!” I announced. The place was silenced, like some drunk person bumped the DJ’s table with a record on it. “Will the owner of the gray Dodge Charger, license plate xyz,” as I pointed towards the now-everyone-can-hear the car alarm, “please turn off your car alarm? It’s been going off for several minutes, and disturbing the patrons outside.”

The manager behind the counter practically pushed the silent alarm button under the counter, as I caught him in my sightline trying to locate the owner.

Seconds passed with no volunteers, but it seemed like minutes.

A little girl piped up that is literally the table beside me, “Dad! Dad! That’s our car with the alarm.” And she points towards the same car.

The man withdraws a car alarm fab, and grumbles, “It’s not an alarm.” But the tell-tale chirp of it being turned off told me differently.

I announce loudly, “Thank you so much for your cooperation. Enjoy the rest of your meal and day.” I turn on my heel. As I took a step, a stranger grabs my arm. “Thank you, sir. That was needed.”

As I tried to continue to return my food of shame, another stranger stands in front of the exit door and myself, “Thank you so much, as I was trying to find a manager to make an announcement like that.” I shook my head, and shook their outstretched hand, “No problem, ma’am. Just doing what needs to be done.”

I casually walk back to my table of friends, quietly sat down, and returned to noshing on my burger and fries. The two girls stared at me in amazement, with the mouths agape.

“What?” I grumbled with a mouth full of food.

Melvin asked, “What did you say to get that to happen?”

“Whatever what was needed,” I stated plainly. “Now eat your food,” I commanded. The girls looked at my bros trying to confirm the same reaction as they were having. The boys simply continued on.

Melly (changed the name to protect) turned to face my bro, “Did you know he was gonna do that?”
“No,” he replied. “But I’m not surprised either.”
She pressed further, “Why?”
“Because that’s what Los does.”
“Which is?” her curiosity drove her.
He smiled. “Whatever and whenever is needed.”

So Seattle and Spaceship Earth do you have a friend, or loved one that is tenacious? Are they fearless in most situations? Please comment below with your story!

As always, be good like you should and if you can’t be good, be good at what you do!

Mic drop *bOoM*
‘los; out

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  1. I enjoyed your car alarm story. That almost reminds me of a car incident at the university I worked at before I retired. It was a quite Friday and I heard over the campus radio. “Security, security silver Ford car just ran into the light pole in the parking lot.” I knew the voice belong to Susanne. She was the student worker at the Welcome center with the reputation for being a ditz. The next voice I heard on the radio is Susanne. “Security, security that was my car that hit the light pole.”

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