COVID-19 Chronicles: Day 475

Aiight, y’all … we’re more than one year into this situation. Total cases of COVID-19 in Washington State: 389,143. Total recovered: 186,165.

Then there’s the total number of deaths: 5,443.

Thankfully a concerted effort has been done to roll out COVID-19 Vaccines. As you can imagine, there was a scheduled vaccination deployment with the priority given to those that would be most harmed by contracting the virus which causes the COVID-19 disease.

The Pfizer-BioNtech, and Moderna vaccinations are 2 needle shot injections separated by 28 days. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 1 shot, however, as of this writing it’s on emergency pause based on the 6 women who developed blood clots after the injection.

Unfortunately, one woman died due to the blood clot, another one hospitalized.

Vax Time

So … all I’ve done is reposted statistics, and facts. Big deal, you say. I have yet to seek out the vaccine because I was slated for vein ablation surgery which I badly needed. I didn’t want ANYTHING to negatively impact that, such as becoming sick.

Healthcare workers, friends and family commented I am (was) being overly dramatic by being so protective. My rebuttal is, it’s my body, and my future so I’ll do as I please. End. of. story.

Varicose Veins

The reason for the vein ablation surgery was to treat the “wicked” case I have (doctor’s words; not mine) The team that accompanied the doctor assured be that the procedure was a success!

However, time will only tell just how effective it was. I’m currently recovering until I return to work on April 26, 2021. The ironic item was I am to not sit for long periods of time, and move around – this was the one time my orbit of friends and family thought I would be laid up in bed for days on end.


I decided on 45-minutes of activity, then 15-minutes of recovery. It seemed best to accommodate the request. In fact, I’ll be getting up from my office chair to motor around.

Now, I feel comfortable receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. That’ll be a different post, and later.


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