The Fate of the Sapphire Sled

Many years ago I dubbed my 2004 Acura RSX Type-S, the #SapphireSled, because of the factory color of Arctic Blue. In 2004, I was celebrating my first year of marriage as well. So this wasn’t a mid-life crisis vehicle purchase, or divorce present for myself. However, the narrative did change over the years.

I wanted the Sapphire Sled and yours truly to be synonymous with cool; to be well-known like Amazon Prime but in the end it was more like …

What’s In A Name?

For a number of years I incorporated street-lingo from Urban Dictionary into my daily speech. Sled was one of the thousands of euphesisms for “car”. And I’m a ginormous fan of alliteration so instead of “blue”, or “arctic” I referred to it as sapphire.

Thusly, the Sapphire Sled was born!

I didn’t think much of it other than an internal labeling system. Then it became more than a name. It became synonymous with my name … after I replaced the issued license plate with my vanity plate: LOS.

It’s a triple pun, folks. I did that deliberately.

  • Car is missing from the license plate so it’s supposed to be CARLOS.
  • Los is Spanish for “the”. Quite literally translated, “LOS Automobile” is “The car”.
  • Lastly, “LOS” is short hand for Carlos which I should be driving the vehicle.

I know, I KNOW … hilarious.

Sapphire Sled – Days After Purchase


September 29, 2008 my divorce was finalized … thankfully. I was determined to use this vehicle to travel to as many hookups as I could do. The Sapphire Sled was gonna be a girl magnet!

At least that’s what my primitive mind was thinking.

The reality was much different. Those thoughts were born from being hurt, from the horrible realization I was gas-lit for 9 years. So I drove myself out of #Divorceville to Issaquah’s #SinglesTown.

Singles Town

The settlement from the divorce afforded me the ability to payoff the loan balance of the Sapphire Sled that coincidentally my ex-wife helped me buy as “bad cop” in 2004. It was the only thing I owned outright.

And by God as my witness, I was gonna use it!

There are too many little memories created by this vehicle it would make this post too long to read (too late!) There are a few that hit the highlight reel.

  • No speeding tickets!
  • Drove to / from California’s Great America in the San Jose, California area
  • Cited with the most expensive moving violation ticket in it –
  • Had my fair share of car sex – ’nuff said
  • Bo Duked it over the hood only once
  • Grenaded the original engine – replaced it
  • Three sets of wheels and tires on it

What’s Next, Rice Chex?

The fate of the Sapphire Sled has yet to be decided. If I place one more dollar into it for repairs … it’s a dollar too much!

Options on my mind:

Keep it and rail it one last time for the Washington Gambler 500


Sell as a project car to someone else

What do all y’all think I should do with it?


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