My Energy Level: EPIC

A few close loved ones and some team mates recently asked me: how can you have that kinda energy? All the time, no sleep, with sleep? How, Los? With a besmirched smile and a shrug, I answer: I’m high on Life, what can I say?

It’s NOT the answer I want to provide, but I “read the room” and offer up that quick witted response.

My Energy Level: EPIC

The answer that is bursting underneath my chest is so much more than that! My energy level is epic because I serve others which in turn serves me.

What does it mean to serve others, you ask? Helping, giving and doing something for someone. I didn’t say be a doormat, not at all! The messaging I’ve received throughout my life is generally the same: help when you can.

  • The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Boy Scout Slogan: Do a good turn daily.
  • Karma: It has no menu, you are served what you deserve.
  • My Mom: You should always help, as long it’s not unlawful or self-serving. You have an old-soul.

See? I interpreted that as the same meaning, that I should use my skills, experience, resources, and powers for good, and to serve others. This’ll sound preachy, but the powers-that-be, God, the Gods, Fate, Universe provides strength and the necessary ENERGY to do this.

I honestly believe I have an old-soul that didn’t quite get done on Earth what it needed and/or wanted to before leaving. So I’ve been infused with this seemingly endless energy to be able to help others.

Moreover, it makes the process easier when you’re happy, at the very least, smile. I’m happy to be alive, every day. Every time my feet touch my carpeted bedroom, armed with an already-counting down 86,400 seconds, I’m grateful I woke up.

I’ve been through some #shyt, y’all. I’ve battled my way through gas lighting and the subsequent divorce, thoughts of suicide, a borderline alcoholic, and personal demons of inadequacy.

It’s why I can better appreciate happiness! I’ve heard the words, “It could be worse.” Yes … yes, indeed. It can be worse, because for me, IT HAS. So I offer my help to anyone and everyone that asks for it without judgement, or malice.

I smile when I hear the question(s), “Hey Los, can I ask you question about xy-z-blah, blah? I was wondering if you could help?”

They know I’ll always say with an energetic, YES. In fact, I’m finishing up this post so I can help someone with a project – a memorial card.


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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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