COVID-19 Chronicles: Day 348

Look, I get it. I do. You spend a majority of your time at work. Therefore you spend that same amount of time with your co-workers. And humans are social beings, so naturally you’ll socialize with those co-workers, especially during this global pandemic known only as: COVID-19.

There are more reasons why you should not date at work than to date. Just because you socialize with them doesn’t equate to hooking up with them either. There are catch-phrases that oversimplify this dynamic, such as …

“Don’t dip your pen in the company ink”, and “Don’t fish from the company pond” are just a couple.

Why You Should Not Date At Work

I’m not saying I haven’t dated a co-worker. On the contrary, I have, and that’s why I’m telling you shouldn’t. And it wasn’t just once, either. Oh, don’t forget that it’s not only my advice, there’s usually a pesky “non-fraternization” clause in most companies policies.

Why You Shouldn’t Date At Work

I’m also not saying that flirting and/or socializing is harmful, either! A crush on a co-worker is harmless as long as it’s not acted on. I’m sure there’s some cute guy at your workplace that you look forward to seeing that has a cologne that makes your toes curl, or has a dashing smile with movie-star style hair. Or a female co-worker that has one particular outfit that accentuates her svelte assets.

Unfortunately, the reality of a relationship with your crush rarely meets expectations which is another reason why you should not date at work!

Once the sexual tension between you two no longer exists, neither does that fun dynamic that attracted you to each other initially. Instead of not knowing what would happen between you two, after a date or two (or a hook up or two) it’s a known quantity – no mystery, nothing left to chance.

You acted on it.

Oh, and when you two break up? It’s a train-wreck of a fall out situation. We know that while you’ll attempt “to be just friends”, we also know you’ve crossed that critical line of between friends and lovers – there’s no going back.

Art imitates life so when shows like MoonlightingCheers or Friends have the two principle characters finally “wind up with each” – there’s no more magic.

Which is why you should not date at work.

I understand how and why it happens, folks. I’m not oblivious, or the patron saint of celibacy.

Sometimes you’re “over” being single-ready-to-mingle so this couldn’t be any worse, right? WRONG!

Or worse, you’re in a committed relationship, yet you’re having an affair with a co-worker. That’s another topic for another post, but I call in the Proximity Infatuation ala Urban Dictionary.

When I find myself ruminating or fantasizing about a co-worker, I remove myself from their constant contact. I’m only hurting myself. They don’t want me, like I want them, and even if they did … I probably wouldn’t do anything.

Coping with COVID-19 it’s just happening to me more than ever, considering public socialization is not happening.

Aiight, Spaceship Earth. Have you date(d) a co-worker? Still dating said co-worker? Best case scenario … you married them! Or the other way, did ya quit the job because of relationship gone awry? We would love to know your thoughts on this topic!

Until next time, be good like you should, and if you can’t be good, then be good at what you do!

Mic drop *bOoM*
‘los; out

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