If I’m So Great …

One frequently received compliment I received from a woman is, “You’re such a great guy, there is someone for you.” I have a rebuttal for that, but I’ll digress for a moment.

Every once in awhile, my eyes burst open and I think, “Crap. The Universe didn’t scoop up my incorpreal soul into the cosmo while I was sleeping.” I swing my legs over the side of bed, feet touching the carpet that I wanna replace badly.

“When Mom said there’ll be days like this, she never mentioned how many it would be or how many in a row,” I muse.

If I’m So Great

I strongly believe in transparency. I act the same with friends, family, co-workers so I don’t have to worry about who I told what, or how I acted around such-and-such. When I hear them say to me: You’re so great, Carlos. You’ll find someone.

Well if I’m so great, then why am I still single? The answer is simple.

I’m not that great.

Any other conclusion is illogical. I’ve coped with it as I didn’t like to that conclusion. Trust me, I wish it was something else. This’ll sound #salty but the folks that say, “You’re so great, Carlos, you’ll find someone”, comes from the lips of people that always have someone.

They don’t know what I have experienced.

Kinda wanna scream at the top of lungs, “There isn’t someone for me!”, because it’s true. Like I said, if I was good looking, great personality, and more, why would I be single?

Why would I be alone for more than a day?

The reason is simple: I’m not. I’m damaged goods. The one thing I’m great at is not being great.

Published by losisthemost

"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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