Self-Care 101: You Do You, Boo

Don’t believe hashtags, as self-care has been used for some time now. It’s origin has been linked to Socrates – not just 2016 Instagram posts. The methods for self-care has evolved over the years but the intentions are still the same: a better relationship with you.

Since I’m hopelessly single, I decided to really dig into the concept of self-care. My sister, who’s also my best friend / room mate, actually took a page out of my playbook by consistently asking me: What have you done for just yourself this week, Lamp?

If I grumble ‘nothing’, but then invariably she’ll invite me to play my favorite game: Geocaching.

Self-Care 101: You Do You, Boo

I’ve noticed that having challenging or rough days at my job guides me to self-care on my off-days relatively easy. The thought of doing something fun offers me comfort and escapism from the grind of daily, civilized American life.

Self Care 101 You Do You, Boo

Nowadays, I dare say it’s critical to disengage a frantic pace of life in the city. I would hazard a guess that’s why I’ll see social media posts of mountains, log cabins, etc with the caption “would you live here for 3 months without cell phone, social media, internet?”

Your subconscious is begging your conscious for some down time. In fact, in a #TEDTalk that every once in awhile your brain needs to be bored in order to unlock creative thoughts. It was an interesting concept.

What are you going to do for self-care after reading this? At least make a conscious effort and plans to do some self-care! Your future self will thank you.


Time for me to rise and grind …


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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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