Count My Blessings

So I had an opportunity to relive one more life lesson that my dad taught me so many times before which was: count my blessings.

The other day I was enjoying my “Sunday” which typically is a mid week day off from Costco (my 2nd day off)

Started my day with Cardio Dance Class with Linda and Deana at the Monroe/Sky Valley YMCA. I zoomed home to take a business call then get to work on mowing my lawn. It didn’t necessarily go as planned with my $40-OfferUp lawn mower is on “life support” i.e. I project will not last much longer & the hand held grass cutter a.k.a. weed whacker running out of line.

With some of the days’ events not going according to plan and to my high expectations, my frustration level started to increase. I felt it welling up in me like Stitch and his bad level in the movie, Lilo and Stitch.

I caught myself counting up all the things that have gone wrong. I stopped and paused.

I realized I had to reframe my mindset. Or I’d rather call it: count my blessings.

  • I’m thankful that I was able to complete the lawn mowing.
  • I’m thankful that the next task was to do fun things.
  • I’m thankful I have a life that allows my time to be used like this.

I decided to play the game I love so much: Geocaching. Furthermore, there was a Geocaching Event; a meet and greet in Everett.

I parked at the meeting place, but walked to the waterfront to start geocaching. I didn’t have much time so I decided to walk to the furthest point away then make my way back to the meet and greet at the bar.

I didn’t read the instructions clearly enough as the entrance to the trail was a mile and change from where I was currently standing along Marine View Drive. I grumbled an expletive or not.

I walked straight to a place that I knew that would be warm and welcoming: Jubi’s Caribbean Cafe. I always love my experience there.

The weather was sunny and cloudless; rare for Everett. I settled down into an outside chair and table to wait for my food to be served. I spied the cook in the outdoor cooking area.

I struck up a conversation with him instead of ranting on social media platforms about my frustrations. I learned he just moved from Miami to Everett to work for Jubi. I shared with him that I was enjoying the music. I proposed it was reggaeton or perhaps calypso.

He perked up right quick!

Count My Blessings
Count My Blessings

He corrected me. He shared with me something that I would’ve never I have gotten how do I not put down my phone. He said what we’re hearing is called soca music. It’s a genre of music that blends soul and calypso hence soca. I found it right away with a Google Search. I created a Spotify playlist with his fav artist, then returned to the conversation.

I’ve discovered it’s generally good policy to be relevant by “being there in the moment” than fiddling with your phone and not socializing with the other human beings there. I noticed that every other single patron even the couples that were sitting across from each other were fiddling with their phones.

I concluded that I’m grateful I’ve been taught to count my blessings before I counted my #Facebook Likes on a post.

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