Dance, Dance, Revolution

I just returned from a group dance lesson hosted by Jen Workman. I’ve known for some time that dance is a depreciative skill. If you don’t use it, you lose it. It’s similar to another language or many other learned skills.

That while practice doesn’t make perfect, it certainly does make progress!

I remember the words of my bro, Jesse, always practice when the opportunity is given. He was encouraging me to not be complacent. Even if I became a skilled dancer in any form, that I shouldn’t shun the basic of line dances in favor of more complicated choreographed dances.

Dance, Dance Revolution

Dance, Dance, Revolution

Several times at country bars, such as Bourbon Jacks, or Big Whiskey, I would be posted up in a bar stool admiring the dancers tearing up the hardwood while nursing a beer and wishing I was out there.

By virtue of dating a dance team member, my opportunities as Jesse would point out, increased 100 fold. At one point, I paid for private dance lessons with Jen for Deana and I.

Eat. Sleep. Dance. Repeat.

As the song Wagon Wheel started playing, I have figured out to be closer to the center of the dance floor because the two-steppers have a tendency of getting too close to the fringe.

A couple of comments I overheard were: “Thank God, Los is here. We’ll just follow him” to “he’s awesome dancer, if you get lost follow him”

While I was on the dance floor for #TwoStepTuesday in the middle of Wagon Wheel (usually the name of the dance AND the song played to it match – there are several instances they do NOT) I caught myself barking out the dance steps for those around me that were watching me intently.

It was then I realized I had become what I admired: a leader on the dance floor.

I had unconsciously driven myself to what my conscious level was preoccupied with – I want to be the best dancer I could potentially be.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve reached a level of competency I am proud of. That said, of all 4 levels I am at the highest: unconscious competency.

Please read below:

  • Unconscious Incompetency – you don’t know what you are doing, and you don’t realize it.
  • Conscious Incompetency – you don’t know what you are doing, BUT you do realize it.
  • Conscious Competency – you know what you are doing, but you must concentrate on it.
  • Unconscious Competency – you know what you are doing, and it’s automatic without thinking.

Until I reach that level of competency, I’ll continue with my country line Dance, Dance Revolution. I should probably research if that game is still available.

‘los; out

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