Fuzzy Duck, Ducky Fuzz, Does He?

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 slipped by me this because I worked for 6 day stretch which included before, during and after that glorious day. Instead I took a stroll down Memory Lane to relive the fun…

It was 2012 St. Patrick’s Day. The Brew Crew decided to post up in Renton instead of Seattle for celebrating. WCP (my sister’s moniker) and I were late because of a Sounders match conflicted with the drinking start time – the festivities at Giant’s Causeway. Thankfully, we were dressed in green. #RaveGreen to be exact!

As you can imagine, the crowd there and our crew were hammered by the time we arrived. If memory serves, the seating situation was S.R.O. (Standing Room Only) We did that for hours. Invariably, the crowd dispersed, and our crew eventually bounced. To me, that meant empty tables and chairs.

So I broke away from my sister (WCP) and my bro (TJ) in search of these “assumed” empty chairs and tables.

Giant’s Causeway had two floors. I walked upstairs to the private rooms. Sure enough, I spied many empty tables and booths.

I announced as I asked a large table occupied by the remaining group that used the space, “Excuse me, but are those table available now?”

The leader answered, “Yes, and no. No, you can’t use them, but yes, you can join us at this table if you play our drinking games.”

I retorted, “I’m bringing two more people. Hang on!”

I returned to WCP, and TJ, convinced them to roll with me, and we posted up at their table.

The first drinking game was “Memory”. Somewhat mundane but a fast paced ice breaker. The second game was Fuzzy Duck. “Wait … what?“, you ask?

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck is a drinking game where players sit in a circle. In turn, players alternately utter the phrases “fuzzy duck” and “ducky fuzz”. A player may also opt to say, “does he?”, in which case play resumes in the opposite direction.[1] If a player says the wrong thing, plays out of turn, or breaks the rhythm of the game, he must drink an agreed-upon measure of an alcoholic beverage.

Fuzzy Duck, Does He?

That’s the first time I even heard about it. And I’ve been playing it ever since. Fuzzy duck! Does, he?
‘los; out

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