March Madness 2019: A Decade of Awesomeness

If memory serves me, 2019 celebrates the 10th consecutive year I’ve indulged in a minimum 2-day basketball bender while watching in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament otherwise known as March Madness.

In a decade of awesomeness, we’ve racked up some hilarious moments that I’m hoping the next 10 years will equally as entertaining.

March Madness 2019: A Decade of Awesomeness

For March Madness 2019: A Decade of Awesomeness, here are the highlights. 

  • Gratuitous use of the words: onion, splash, and big fella
  • $1 bets at least once per game. If not, more often
  • Back in the day there were hour plus long breaks in coverage, so Scott, Jason, Charrina and yours truly would play basketball at the nearby neighborhood court (Issaquah) 🏀
  • We started speaking “diner shorthand” – e.g. I need a pig on wheels and uh drag it through the garden!
  • Teasing each other about previously failed (broken) brackets
  • I was punished to the corner for inappropriate language

This is addition to all the laughs, all the beer drinking and catching up over the year. 

I largely ignore the basketball scene [college or professional] until late February or early March. Sometimes the University of Washington is invited to this tournament. In years past, I felt like they only backed into the invite.

This year?

This year I feel they marched into it with a new found confidence. (No, I won’t talk about that horrible Pac-12 Championship Tourney performance against Oregon, of all teams) 

Unfortunately, in my bracket, I granted them a courtesy, one-win game before having them defeated by the next team. Good on them if they advance, but I just don’t see it. 

Regardless the outcome over the next 2 days, it’ll be fun in the sun.



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