My Health Before My Wealth

My Health Before My Wealth

The accumulation of wealth has been a troublesome, and consistent theme of my life, as well as other Americans…

I prided myself on my “side hustles” such as being an entertainer, a business consultant, and #Instacart Full Service Shopper to name a few. Which meant my exercise routine(s) were abandoned to pursue these money generators.

As you can imagine, I gained weight, seem to be more sick and more often, and tired continuously. It all took of three seconds to realize what happened. I prioritized my wealth before my health.

I was disgusted with myself. I literally mumbled to myself as I stared down at the bathroom scale in my master bathroom.

“You fat f**k”

Myself – November 2017

 220.5 pounds steadily displayed on the blue L.E.D. Thirty pounds overweight, even though I was in the middle of my 2017 #TabulaRasaDay Declaration of 100+ workouts.

I had put my accumulation of wealth before my health. Now, it’s visible, it’s tangible. Like an epiphany, I needed to do something drastic!

I needed to retool my plan.

I needed to re-prioritize.

My Health Before My Wealth

I realize I only have 86,400 seconds per day to accomplish whatever it is I wanted to do. So I knew I had to put my health before my wealth accumulation.

I woke up earlier than my alarm would dedicate. I signed-on to my Instacart app to cancel all my hours. I was eating fast food meals while I traveled around in my vehicles because I didn’t have a plan for eating on the road.

In addition, I didn’t exercise because I prioritized working through my available hours over health.

First step done: free up my limited daily time.

I combed through my notes from my personal trainer, Chelsey Pleasant nee Stoner. We connected through email, Google Sheets, and Messenger for 22 Weeks.

I analyzed all of the data briefly to assess I wouldn’t be able to recreate that on my own. I sought her out on the inter webs as I realized she gained popularity, moved to the East Coast, and most likely running her own business.

She is. It’s called H.I.T. Bodies.

My Health Before My Wealth – 2 Months Completed

I joined the “fam” that moment. My health before my wealth would be my mantra. I quickly watched and listened to the workflow Chelsey had plotted out for new members, which I was the newest.

She trumpeted that a sound nutritional plan would need to be in place in order for any exercise was to begin to be effective.

She listed three: ketogenic, balanced intake, and macro tracking.

The idea of macro tracking is tedious, and aggravating. Balanced intake was not happening with me. By virtue of elimination, I chose ketogenic.

I immediately made a “non-negotiable relationship with my fitness goals”, by deciding to change my lifestyle. NOT MY DIET.

Once I focused on my health, I was then able to re-incorporate Instacart shifts that didn’t impact my fitness time.

That was only after prioritizing my weight loss over financial gain. Stay tuned for more.

‘los; out

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