The Kissing Game: My First Kiss

The other day, my love gave me another compliment on my ability to kiss. I feel I can be puffy chest, loud and proud, as this is not the first time I’ve heard this. I’m pretty good at the Kissing Game: My First Kiss.

Not gonna lie, I love the act of the kiss. In fact the first kiss with someone, to me, is the most intoxicating. There’s no replacing the adrenaline coursing through my veins, my heart pounding in my chest that it threatens to escape through my ribs, and then… contact.

MMMM, MMM, good!

Granted I’ve encountered a kiss from a girl that was … let’s just say, not as enjoyable as others, but still fun. I’m sure the same could be said about my kisses, but after the compliments I’m gonna be so bold as to state that it’s one of my anchor points of my dating game.

While practice makes progress, I like to think passion for a skill is a game-changer. As I said, I love kissing. It’s so intimate, sensual, and intoxicating, that I crave it. I breathe in the girl’s perfume, feel her embrace, and then her soft lips.

So I thought about my first kiss. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for it, either!

If memory serves me correctly, I was in the 6th grade. And it was the summer of going into the 7th grade. My gal pal, Kristine Staton-Santiago nee Albertson, had recently lost her mom to cancer which coincidentally my mother’s good friend. She had lamented she hadn’t had Filipino food since she passed. And somewhat jealous of my easy access to said food. My heart felt a pang of guilt knowing that she was right.

One afternoon I had the following conversation with my mother.

Los: “Hey Momma, can you please make me some Filipino food?”
Mom: “What’s matter, you? You hungry? Need snack?”
Los: “No, Momma. Kristine’s mom is gone, and she said she was missing her and her food. I thought it would be nice to cook her up some food then I would bike it over to her house.” 
Mom: “That’s very sweet of you, Caloy. How about this? How about you help me makes this food and it’ll be that much more of a gift?”
Los: “Ok, sounds great.”

We made chicken adobo, pancit, and lumpia. We packaged it up, and loaded it up on my 10-speed bike. Then I biked it to Kristine’s house, unannounced. First, she was pleasantly shocked by the visit, let alone with the gift of food.

She invited me into the house while helping carry the food in. She was so confused.

K: “Los, did I ask for this (in a curious tone, not spiteful)?”
L: “No, but I felt bad. I have my mom still, so I can have it anytime I want. And I figured you would like some Flip food.”
K: “Wait. You’re not staying to help me with it?”
L: “No, I’ll go home now.” I’m feeling uber awkward right about now. All I wanted to do was escape.

I know she wanted me to stay, but it wasn’t gonna happen. Speaking of “gonna happen”, I wasn’t expecting what happened next! She opened the door, but then stood in my way of exiting. She smiled, and leaned to kiss me, and hug me.

I was so damn stunned I was speechless. She laughed a little while she said, “You’ve never been kissed, have you?”

I mumbled, “I have now. I’ll be going home now.”

The whole experience kept replaying in my head while biking home. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Usually on the first couple dates with a girl, I am somewhat distracted by the thought of our first kiss.

Here are 7 mistakes that are made on your first kiss with someone (or someone new) by Cheyenne at – they are true to their word and hilarious to boot. Click here to watch the video. It makes me wonder, though …

  • Do you remember your first kiss? Did you like it?
  • Do you like the first kiss of someone new?
  • Are you good kisser? 

Lemme know, Seattle and Spaceship Earth, by commenting below. As always, be good like you should, and if you can’t be good, be good at what you do!

Mic drop *bOoM*
‘los; out

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