Carcolepsy: My Origin Story

Being a dyed-in-wool, tried and true, American, I love a road trip any time to anywhere. Unfortunately, if I’m the passenger long enough I crash out almost immediately. Urban Dictionary calls it carcolepsy. Even when one post I found claimed the following – Carcolepsy: The Science Behind Why People Instantly Pass Out In The Car

I dunno about that, but I do know why I fall asleep in the car as a passenger.

Carcolepsy: My Origin Story

Zoom, Zoom

My mother told me this story about one evening that I was having difficulty sleeping as an infant. She tried all her usual tricks such as changing my diapers, breast feeding, and rocking and singing to me. I couldn’t be consoled. Or soothed back to sleep.

At first she was frustrated because she couldn’t get me asleep. Eventually, she grew worried when nothing could get me asleep. So she loaded me up in the Green Duster for a trip the hospital. As soon as she started the vehicle it would be when I would get carcolepsy: my origin story. I fell asleep after one block of traveling! My Mom turned the car around, and parked it. Then I started to cry yet again.

She couldn’t believe it.

Picture this. A tiny Filipino woman driving a land yacht of car around the neighborhood in circles because she discovered that her infant child has carcolepsy: my origin story. She mentioned she wasted a half-a-tank of gas driving long enough to have me fall into a deep sleep to move me back into the house and crib.

Speaking of cribs, Ford of Spain collaborated with Espadaysantacruz Studio to create what they call “Motor Dreams” crib.

It was created for an ad campaign for their MAX models. It features sounds of an engine, gentle movement imitating traffic, and LED lights that mimic street lights. It’s all controlled by a smartphone app that can reproduce your car’s movement. You could read all about it here.

I could bet money that my Mom would’ve love to have that instead of inducing carcolepsy: my origin story.

Usually, I don’t mind missing the mesmerizing milepost signs whizzing by, but there was an instance that I wanted to be awake and I couldn’t win against my conditioning or perhaps even my car DNA as a passenger. My little sister was driving us through the Cascade Mountains in the province of British Columbia on our way to Whistler. The scenery was beautiful, and yet I slept through it!

So tell me, Spaceship Earth. Do you have #carcolepsy, too? Comment below about your story!

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