Calm Carlos In Crisis Management

Two mass shootings have occurred in the past week in the cities of Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado. It saddens me to acknowledge the phrases “active shooter”, and “mass shootings” have entered our daily lexicon.

To me, that means crisis management as a response. A few years ago I shared my top 5 near-death experiences or disaster related stories with a young lady.

She sat there in the bar booth with a look of astonishment. She asked, “How did you stay calm?”

“Remain calm”, you say? It’s not really calmness, folks. Trust me, it’s anything but that! It’s my response to crisis management training.

That’s right: TRAINING!

Oh, and practice with re-current training. That and … continued practice. Did I mention practice? Sadly, humans are creatures of habit therefore skills that are not repetitively addressed are lost.

[Case in point, your high school second language class – can you say more than hi in Spanish, French, or German?]

It’s been proven that a panicked mind is filled with endorphins  and adrenalin can’t think rationally and/or have cognitive thought. The basic ‘fight or flight’ instinct has settled in, and you’re amp’d. Period. When the juice hits my system, my heart beats like a jack rabbit, the blood is coursing through my veins, and my mind is on fire.

That said, I remain calm. Most people will revert to a primal action state and cardinal reactions. Unless … you’ve been trained and conditioned for the situation.


Who plans for an emergency? NO ONE.
Who should be prepared for an emergency? EVERYONE.

Speaking of be prepared, that’s the Boy Scouts of America Motto. Say what you will about BSA, but it’s solid emergency preparedness and training.

I digress.

I’ve since added CPR Training, First Aid Training everywhere that’s offered it. It’s the same information, folks. Never hurts to … (you know I’m gonna type it) PRACTICE.

Avoiding panic is knowing what to do, and when to do it. Ask any first responder! Their training kicks in and they are off and running to be heroes.

Growing up I received my lion’s share of experience in crisis management having a Filipino mother, and a little sister as a latch-key kid. Yes, my father is there but as I said before – NO ONE PLANS FOR AN EMERGENCY!

Everyone should be prepared for an emergency.

One of my sections of training is having the right equipment in place when you need it. I’ve recently agreed to be Crucial Carry‘s Brand Ambassador. I fully endorse every product, including their flagship Crucial Carry Trauma Pack. It’s the end-all, to-be-all, for first aid kits and stopping serious trauma injuries.

Stay alert, stay safe out there,

‘los; out

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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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