Christmas Cards Are An Endangered Species

Christmas Cards Are An Endangered Species

Ever since the Digital Age started, many traditional institutions such as mailed letters have been in a state of decline. In fact, it’s extinct. Well, at least, Christmas Cards Are An Endangered Species with young adults that don’t know how to properly address an envelope. There’s an app out there available that you can mimic hand written notes, have them digitally created, then the company will complete fulfillment for a small fee. It’s called Bond. That’s right!

Christmas Cards Are An Endangered Species

Christmas Cards are  an endangered species

Christmas Cards and the family newsletter included is (was?) a time-honored tradition to divulge details of trials and tribulations and successes, too. But with the immediacy of social media of announcements, cry for help and everything else, there’s few reasons to carry on the tradition of Christmas Cards.

Right? Wrong.

I want to lead a paradigm shift back to those days of pad and pen. Not as a backlash of technology, or trying to be a #hipster, but as a re-centering of the human condition.

Connecting each soul by written word and consumed through a paper medium to complete the tactile experience. Seriously, though.

Nothing is more personal than reading a hand written note by your loved one, family or friend on folded paper. Even if the news was old, at least it’s being told to you from their perspective in their hand writing.

I remember my mother opening her address book of family and friends to send out her cards. It was a turquoise blue with brass rings. And she would tell me to put up a string so all received cards can be displayed over the mantle. This Christmas task always seemed daunting, labor intensive, and tedious.

I digress.

Besides, we’re in such a hurry nowadays, Christmas Cards are an endangered species. They are discarded in favor of the widespread reach and quickly with a tweet or a Facebook post or Instagram photo (see what I did there?)

I’m gonna challenge myself to return to the days when I painstakingly wrote a personalized message in each person’s card and hand wrote the address on the envelope. Christmas Cards are an endangered species which I strongly believe can be brought back to prominence. Whatcha think Spaceship Earth? Are you up to my challenge?

And no, Jib-Jab doesn’t count. Neither does Shutterfly-esque photo Christmas card with Happy Holidays on it. Until next time, be good like you should and if you can’t be good, be good at what you do!

Mic drop *bOoM*

‘los; out

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