Adjusting To Arizona

It’s been 3 months since I’ve moved to the Phoenix area, and I’m still adjusting to Arizona. As you can imagine, I’ve received plenty of advice from long time residents. However, one of the best pieces of advice to adjusting to Arizona life is from friends, Ron and Audrey Wilde. They suggested I re-think myContinue reading “Adjusting To Arizona”

The Joy of Geocaching

Arturo, amigo. It’s been a 4 years to this date (May 28, 2019) that you ascended into Heaven. I’ll never really know if you knew that you days were numbered, or simply a suspicion because the sense of urgency for my visit seemed to increase as each day was closer to departure for me toContinue reading “The Joy of Geocaching”

Tagbilaran To Manila Sponsored by Jollibee

The following is an excerpt from my journal entries. I traveled to the Philippines with my Uncle Dave to be the best men for my Dad’s wedding. The last few days were spent traveling by vehicle from Tagbilaran City to Manila to complete two tasks 1) Dave and I were flying out, 2) Dad andContinue reading “Tagbilaran To Manila Sponsored by Jollibee”