Showtime Ready!

As a 18 year employee at Costco, one of the first bullet points I read on an Annual Performance Review was being … ‘showtime ready’. Meaning that by the time the WAREHOUSE doors open for business that all the merchandise is fully stocked, all tools are cleared from the floor, and swept and clean aislesContinue reading “Showtime Ready!”

A Thief, A Lunch and Just Desserts

Every workplace I’ve been in has a communal refrigerator(s) in a break room. In 2003, Costco Travel was no different. What was different was the rampant lunch theft once a particular employee was hired. I’m a generous person almost to a fault. That said, I won’t tolerate theft. It’s deceitful, and disrespectful. To me, itContinue reading “A Thief, A Lunch and Just Desserts”