The Kissing Game: My First Kiss

The other day, my love gave me another compliment on my ability to kiss. I feel I can be puffy chest, loud and proud, as this is not the first time I’ve heard this. I’m pretty good at the Kissing Game: My First Kiss. Not gonna lie, I love the act of the kiss. InContinue reading “The Kissing Game: My First Kiss”

I’m Older Than I Think

Recently, I was promoted at work to Manager. I was anticipating that move. What I wasn’t anticipating was the move to Nights Manager for my warehouse. The crew I work with is easily 15-20 years younger than I am. Again, I knew that once I was assigned the crew. The other day I had anContinue reading “I’m Older Than I Think”

Sounders ‘Til I Die | The Story of Soccer, Strawberries, and Keg Stands

To truly appreciate this story you’ll have to know the background of how I became a Sounders fan, and my first away match. This all started 12 years ago … You see my lil’ sister, Charrina Bayne, aka West Coast Playa [WCP], shared with me a story how she was incredibly screwed out of seasonContinue reading “Sounders ‘Til I Die | The Story of Soccer, Strawberries, and Keg Stands”

Night Moves: Juneteenth

I am still trying to wrap my head around the weekend’s events at my place of employment. Two of my team mates, in addition to myself, were selected as Department Managers. Tim C, Food Court Manager; Alex L, Foods Manager; and yours truly, Merchant Nights Manager. June 17, 2022 – On Friday, I celebrated 20Continue reading “Night Moves: Juneteenth”

What’s That Smell: Call A Mechanic

One aspect of car ownership is repairs and fixes – no one really likes them because they tend to be expensive, and you couldn’t do the work yourself if you wanted to. Most people, at least Americans, don’t want to do much more than gas and go with the occasional oil change thrown in.  EspeciallyContinue reading “What’s That Smell: Call A Mechanic”

2022 What’s The Difference: Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day?

A few years ago, there was a viral Facebook post about a woman getting a haircut before Memorial Day weekend. She had lost her husband in a Navy helicopter crash months prior. He died on deployment, never having met their youngest son. So, when the smiling receptionist wished her a “Happy Memorial Day” after she had buried her spouse, the wordsContinue reading “2022 What’s The Difference: Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day?”

Two Bikini Baristas Go ‘Round The Outside …

I know you hummed a few bars of Enimem’s song, Without Me. If not, I’ll help you: Two bikini baristas go ’round the outside / ’round the outside / ’round the outside / Two bikini baristas go ’round the outside / ’round the outside / ’round the outside / The following is how I inadvertentlyContinue reading “Two Bikini Baristas Go ‘Round The Outside …”

Do You Love Raspberry Pi?

Everyone loves pie, but do you enjoy Raspberry Pi? Yeah, I didn’t think so… Several years ago, a friend invited me to tag-along with her to her son’s S.E.A.M. Workshop (Science, English, Arts, Music) at his school. One of the science stops was the Raspberry Pi presentation. I didn’t know what it was, or ever heard of itContinue reading “Do You Love Raspberry Pi?”

Funniest Call Center Stories: Curaçao

Today, I attended a mandatory meeting for work. During the slideshow, there was a segment dedicated to Costco Travel. I worked there for 13 years, most of which in the call center. As you can imagine, I have plenty of stories of the calls I received. In American society, invariably you’ve contacted a call centerContinue reading “Funniest Call Center Stories: Curaçao”