The Gift of Travel Experience

I’ve been in Costa Rica for 10 days now. My friend, Arturo, and I have cobbled together road trips that were centered on searching for geocaches. Since he doesn’t drive, he’s had to partner with friends that are taxi drivers. One in particular is his friend, Jorge. Just like any taxi driver I’ve ever met,Continue reading “The Gift of Travel Experience”

Memorable Memorial Day

Do you know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day? Other than the former is celebrated as a three-day weekend with the last Monday of May. Most Americans that I ask, realize there’s a difference but don’t know exactly what it is. Memorable Memorial Day Memorial Day and Veterans Day are both patriotic holidaysContinue reading “Memorable Memorial Day”

You Better Belize It; Bamboo Chicken

Today while chillaxing with a Pilsen, my named iPod (Mark VII) poolside, I noticed an iguana sunning itself on the sidewalk in the 90+ degree weather of Costa Rica. Reminded me of the You Better Belize It; Bamboo Chicken story … Marriage Is A Beach I turn back the clock to June 2003. This isContinue reading “You Better Belize It; Bamboo Chicken”

From Scared To Scarred

Today’s bus adventure by traveling from Lake Stevens to Woodinville using 3 transfers to board 4 different buses reminded me of an incident which escalated from a bomb scare to a scar I still have on my right hand. Metro 311 September 25, 2000 – Seattle, WA. It was a Monday. A Manic Monday, asContinue reading “From Scared To Scarred”

Cuisinart Charrina and Carlos: Fruit Ninjas

It’s no secret I work at Costco. One of the many products they sell are food processors. The one that strikes a cord with me is the Ninja Professional. Any time I walk pass the pallet of those boxes I’m reminded of a sibling trip to Paramount’s Great America [renamed to California’s Great America] IContinue reading “Cuisinart Charrina and Carlos: Fruit Ninjas”