Go Crazy, Oh Baby: Four Loko

The other day I encountered a post about Four Loko. Instantly reminded me of December 4, 2010 … Apple Cup [University of Washington Huskies vs Washington State Cougars] In 2010, the Apple Cup was scheduled in early December. By then, the popular drink, Four Loko, was under investigation, and scrutiny because of it’s relation toContinue reading “Go Crazy, Oh Baby: Four Loko”

The World Changed – 9/11/01

To most of Spaceship Earth, 9/11, flutters pass on their calendars as any other day. But 18 years ago… The world changed on 9/11/01. And it’s a day I’ll #NeverForget either.  I was startled awake by my wife (yes, I was married once) She said to turn on the TV because a plane accidentally crashedContinue reading “The World Changed – 9/11/01”

Signs of Life: Can You Read Them?

I’ve been told I’m a gifted writer, great with wordsmithing and a fantastic storyteller. What I’m horrible about is reading signs. Signs of Life: Can You Read Them? I sure as hell can’t! Don’t believe me? Exhibit A: I can count on my hands the number of times that a girl I was attracted to,Continue reading “Signs of Life: Can You Read Them?”

A Three-Beers-Deep Decision: Blanco

I’ve created a monster. I can’t take it back either. And … to be honest, I don’t want to take it back either. It was a three-beers-deep decision that night, which I don’t regret. One fateful night mid-February 2019, my team mate / co-worker, Ron, invited me to grab an after-work beer since his wifeContinue reading “A Three-Beers-Deep Decision: Blanco”

Ceviche, Coca-Cola, and a Fijian Witch Doctor

My sister and I met up the finance of our step-sister in the Philippines 🇵🇭 One of the topics of discussion was, unfortunately, food poisoning. Thankfully they each shared a quick story without asking me to jump in, and also moved on. That still left my mind on Memory Lane. I stopped at the oneContinue reading “Ceviche, Coca-Cola, and a Fijian Witch Doctor”

O Capitan, My Capitan!

Capitan! My Capitan! While a Walt Whitman title, it was something I was quoting (more hollering) in this tale of boating misadventure with my friend, John Stacy, one afternoon on Lake Sammamish located in Lake Sammamish State Park. In recent weeks, the sun has been making an appearance or two in the sky on my drive toContinue reading “O Capitan, My Capitan!”