What’s That Tat?

I have one tattoo. I only have one tattoo because I vowed that if I ever get ink, that I wanted it to symbolize something that deeply resonated with me. The backstory for my tattoo is rich with detail but it does take some explaining. So when someone asks me what does, Keep Digging, meanContinue reading “What’s That Tat?”

Always Be Proud

Ever heard of the expression, “be loud and proud“? Well this applies to every aspect of the phrase including your heredity. There was a moment I wasn’t … Ever since then, I’ve learned to always be proud of who you are, no matter. In the summer of 1994, I was enjoying being a high schoolContinue reading “Always Be Proud”

Which Papa Again?

Recently, my friend asked me to order Papa Murphy’s pizza to be prepared for pick up with the words: Don’t confuse it with Papa John’s! July 14, 2016 – I blame the Sounders for this fine mess. In the end, I’ll accept responsibility, but hear me out first! It’s no secret that the Sounders seasonContinue reading “Which Papa Again?”

Carlos Warehouse Chronicles: Oil of Olay

One of my responsibilities of a FE (Front End) Supervisors at Woodinville Costco is to answer radio requests from the Membership Desk. It’s usually one of three types: key flick, approval, or Merchandise Pick-Up aka MPU. It’s been almost 4 years now since the Oil of Olay Incident of 2017. There was a call from theContinue reading “Carlos Warehouse Chronicles: Oil of Olay”

Frenemy of Mine: Icy Hot

Thank you Urban Dictionary for providing the perfect word for me to use. Frenemy is an enemy disguised as a friend. We all have one, if not more, and I’m no exception. The frenemy of mine is Icy Hot Cream. That’s right, you read that right. On my 29th birthday, I chucked a spaz because once IContinue reading “Frenemy of Mine: Icy Hot”

NOT A Black Horse And A Cherry Tree

Yesterday’s horseback riding tour in Long Beach, Washington reminded me of a horse called: Crazy Gus. My travel companion requested we rock some horseback riding down at the beach. After some quick Goo-diligence the company that fit best was Long Beach Horse Rides. The first horse I was paired with was named Roxette or RoxyContinue reading “NOT A Black Horse And A Cherry Tree”

Accidental Karaoke: Dancing Queen

As I was rocking in the Millennium Subaru this morning, Dancing Queen by ABBA played Mark VII [my named iPod]. Reminded me of my first “karaoke” song I ever sang… totally by accident might I add. The memory flooded into my mind … The Summer of 1995 Lynnwood, WA – Thrifty Payless Inc. I was theContinue reading “Accidental Karaoke: Dancing Queen”

A Bad Case of the Yips

The recent rise in the COVID-19 Delta variant reminded me of the time I developed a case of the YIPS. What is that, you ask? We need to go no further than a How I Met Your Mom episode. How I Met Your Mother Season 3, Episode 10 – The Yips. Barney has trouble hittingContinue reading “A Bad Case of the Yips”

Watershed Festival

With Watershed Festival 2021 quickly coming up, it reminded me of Watersheds passed. Instead of concentrating on a particular year, I thought I would stroll down Memory Lane … You Never Forget Your First I remember how the conversation even started about Watershed. I was exchanging texts with a hot girl I had a crushContinue reading “Watershed Festival”