Are You a Geek or a Nerd?

Of the many labels I’ve been given, the one I don’t agree with is “nerd”. Not because of the oppressive nature of it, or how insulting it is. Not at all. In my mind, it’s flat out inaccurate. I pride myself on actually being a “geek”. And a “geek” of all sorts. The following explanationContinue reading “Are You a Geek or a Nerd?”

Words *DO* Hurt

The Morgan Wallen video posted is a painful reminder that words, certain words, do hurt. I’m confident that a career ending video like that, with the subsequent collateral damage field it created will haunt him for the rest of his days on Spaceship Earth. I can only pray that he uses it as motivation toContinue reading “Words *DO* Hurt”

Paradigm Shift of Priorities

On January 1, 2020, I turned over my iPhone named J.O.A.N. [Just Open And Network] to watch the phone line end to a nasty conversation I had spoken two words in: Hey stranger. In that moment, I decided that I will make a fundamental change in my life. A paradigm shift of priorities … notContinue reading “Paradigm Shift of Priorities”

Home Sweet Home

The following is the 14th time I’ve posted this journal entry. It’s my first-hand experience surviving a sudden ice storm that paralyzed the Seattle area for one night in 2006 … This is my almost 20 hour (19hrs 56mins) odyssey from Costco Travel (Issaquah) to my Home, Sweet, Home (Bothell) and the 26 miles thatContinue reading “Home Sweet Home”

Crazy Taxi To Karaoke

I looked at the calendar today. I’m fast approaching the 5th anniversary I left Costco Travel, thus leaving the one and only Bayne there. One of the many memories popped into my head … Aloha, Bitches! I remember it was late September 2012. I was still reeling from being dumped by my what-I-thought was myContinue reading “Crazy Taxi To Karaoke”

Self-Care 101: You Do You, Boo

Don’t believe hashtags, as self-care has been used for some time now. It’s origin has been linked to Socrates – not just 2016 Instagram posts. The methods for self-care has evolved over the years but the intentions are still the same: a better relationship with you. Since I’m hopelessly single, I decided to really digContinue reading “Self-Care 101: You Do You, Boo”

Two Scores Ago: Mount St. Helen’s Eruption

We can agree that the #COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the world forever. We’ll never return ‘to the way it was’. We’ll adapt to implement changes to our environment as we’ve always done to survive. It’s life as a hyper keystone species. It’s human nature. Speaking of nature, 40 years ago, on this day inContinue reading “Two Scores Ago: Mount St. Helen’s Eruption”


Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Today is my 6th year anniversary of my first geocache find with my family – My Geo-versary as it were. That’s not when my Geocaching adventureContinue reading “Geo-versary”

Online Dating: Tap That App

The other day I was riding shotgun in my sister’s vehicle with her co-worker / friend in the backseat. He casually asks, “What dating app are you using?” My sister chuckles a grip as she suggests, “Before you answer tell JB the Michelin Man Story!” After I tell him said story with every gory detail,Continue reading “Online Dating: Tap That App”